The products we see in the world, simple or sophisticated are made possible with some form of fastening. It is the driving force that hold things together. Whatever industry from furniture to electrical, architectural to automotive rely on the magic of fasteners, and due to industrial needs, fasteners have 'evolved' to virtually various types of 'species'.

We have a variety of screws, bolts and rivets to cater for every need of diversified industries. On top of having our very own generic fasteners, we also produce distinctive range for each customer, studying on how to best create the most cost effective and practical products to meet their fastening needs.

You have the flexibility to create your very own range with the highest degree of precision. Our team of professionals will help you design the best solution for your manufacturing needs.

A variety of Fasteners for Specific Needs

You may also choose our ready-made range adequately stocked to ensure availability. More and more 'species' will be created as we venture into new industries, making Wison one of the most comprehensive and relaible on-stop fastener provider in the region.