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The Facilities

At Wison Screw, quality begins at material level. All incoming raw material is subject to stringent quality inspection to ensure only the best enter the production floors. Having adequate raw materials and the warehousing facilities to ensure the availability of stocks is crucial to meet the needs of ours customers.

Technology & Know-How

Wison Screw has been in the market since year 2000, and we are proud that we have consistently met customer requirements and delivery schedules. Skills, appropriate design and precision enable us to bring the cost down without compromising on quality.

Our experience with a wide variety of manufacturer's equipment, coupled with a well-known and respected process, engineering and manufacturing capability, positions us to provide you with high level of service and performance required in today's dynamic business environment.

Furthermore, our recent investment on the latest machinery gave us the confidence to head toward high-end fasteners. We are targeting on becoming a high-end fastener producer in the market.

Our plant with a land area of 24 acres is equipped with high-tech machinery that is capable of producing an average of 2,000,000 pieces of fasteners a day, and there is still room for expansion.

Main Machine
2-Die 3-Blow Cold Header Thread Rolling Machine
Oil Cleaning Machine Deburring Machine
Main Machinery
Cold Header
- 4 Die 4 Blow - 3 Die 3 Blow
- 2 Die 3 Blow - 1 Die 2 Blow
Thread Rolling Machine
Thread Cutting Machine
Head Slotting Machine
Washer Assembly Machine
Weighing Machine
Sealing Machine
Air Compressor
Tumbling Machine
Deburring Machine
Sorting Machine
Q.C. Equipment
Hardness Tester (Rockwell)
Hardness Tester (HV)
Universal Testing Machine
Outside Micrometer
Profile Projector
Torque Wrench
Magnifying Glass
Digital Caliper
Vernier Caliper
Screw Thread Gauges
Radius Gauge
Ring Gauge (Go & No Go)
Sorting Machine
Torque Tester
Workshop Machinery
Grinding Machine
Milling Machine
Table Lathe
Drill Re-sharpening Machine
Belt Disc Sander
Bench Lathe Machine
Hydraulic Press Machine
Gap-bed Lathe